There are 86,400 seconds in a day.

It only takes one to transform yours.


Question: Do you feel that one good/bad moment often defines your day?

Empowered is for you!
Empowered may be able to benefit you in other ways!
Empowered can help you in many ways!

A digital companion who takes your personality into account and recommends actions to overcome moments of confusion and capitalize on moments of clarity.

Like any relationship, Empowered’s recommendations improve over time as your companion understands you better.

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How it works.

Step 1: Self Awareness

Mood options to select what you resonate with.

Step 2: Empowerment

Action or education recommendation customized for you.

Step 3: Communicate

Add up to 5 people to see their moods and check in on how they’re feeling.


"Empowered has created a space for you to get closer to your loved ones, and yourself."

“I am a fan of the inner circle feature, where I can see how my friends are doing. We are all busy, independent people and don’t always check in on each other. Having our moods visible to each other, we feel assured we are not alone in this and can be there for each other.”

– Shahd Al Ashry, 24

"To go where you are, you need to know where you are."

“By asking how I’m feeling, Empowered helps me realize where I am. On happier days, checking in reminds me to celebrate my wins and on sadder days, it helps me accept and move on. However I’m feeling, the recommendations let me make the most of life in that moment”

– Hamza Hussain Shah, 25

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