Millennials have said that their stress has increased during 2020.

Daily average minutes spent on Mobile Phone

We are a group of aspiring change makers, hell bent on making an impact on the world. The only way we can do that, is by making an impact on the ones around us.

Having gone through the traditional route of going to university, finding a full time job and just getting busy in the climb, we felt that we lost ourselves. Our conversations would be the same, our routines mundane, and our progress slow. We found ourselves wanting to do more, but achieving less. Going through moments of nothingness, reverting to old habits at the expense of what we really needed to do. These periods of rut would come and go, sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

However we noted, that often times we’d feel inspired through certain actions, or particular conversations, or pieces of knowledge that we would come across randomly. These things would spark us into action and revert us to our best selves.

Empowered is an application developed to understand these moments proactively, and spark us into action as often as we want.

We believe empowerment is not just individual, it’s a community act. Our Inner Circle feature will allow you to foster greater intimacy and personalization with your loved ones. We’ve felt the disconnect with our friends and family by only seeing their social media “successes” which makes us unaware of how we all actually feel. Inner Circle will help initiate the dialogue which is currently on mute.

We want Empowered to be the vessel that helps everyone get the tools to get out of their ruts and feel more connected those around them.

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