Description of the Big 5 Personality traits

Openness – Measures your tendency to entertain new ideas and participate in novel experiences.

Conscientiousness – Measures your tendency to be organized, responsible and goal oriented.

Extraversion – Measures your tendency to be outgoing, sociable and energetic.

Agreeable – Measures your tendency to be helpful, reliable and polite.

Neuroticism – Measures your tendency to feel anxious and be easily irritated.

Why We Chose The Big 5 Personality Test

Big Five is generally used in scientific experiments to measure personality traits because it
predicts behavior more accurately and it has higher reliability: you can take the test at different times and you’ll receive similar results. The Myers Briggs test is not supported by the scientific community, as people receive different results each time they take the test.

Research has consistently shown that the personality types provided by Myer Briggs do not correspond to the differences in behavior.

What Your Score Says About You

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